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Upcoming Projects 


Expected Expenses

Riverfront Drain and Eastern Wall 

Intended Start:

Within One Year

Estimated Cost: $15,000

The Riverfront drain needs to be repaired or replaced to prevent flooding in the front pit and Riverfront bedrooms. In heavy rain conditions, the drain is prone to backup as it did this spring causing approximately $7,000 of damage. In addition, the eastern wall of the Riverfront bedrooms needs repair to prevent damage to the foundation and leaks that may lead to mold and health concerns.

Replace Roof

Intended Start:


Estimated Cost:


New Roof project would also allow us to reduce our insurance rates by a full 10%!

Chapter Education Fund

Typical Annual Expenses:


This account provides the undergraduates with funds exclusively for educational purposes. These funds can be used for things like school supplies, guest speakers, and registration and travel costs for leadership development events (Rising Stars Academy, Presidents Academy, National Convention, Newell District Leadership Academy, etc). In 2020, the undergraduates will be using this account to fund the following:

  • 8 required delegates to District Leadership Academy for $1,150 total

  • 4 required delegates to National Convention for ~$600 total (25% of total costs)

Over the past 5 years, we have only seen $70 in donations to our Chapter education fund from individuals. The alumni association was able to donate $5,106.40 from recovering a closed account that was previously lost, which will evaporate very quickly as typical annual expenses from this account are approximately $1,500. We need help to continue to provide this as resource to our undergraduates. See Ways to Donate for more details.

Repair or Replace Sidewalk and Front Entrance

Estimated Cost:


Our insurance providers have wanted us to replace the cracked and broken sidewalk along the driveway of the house and the concrete patios leading to the front entrance for quite some time now. Since we have the best looking house on the inside, we want it to be reflected on the outside as well.

Resurface Driveway and Parking Lot

Estimated Cost:


There are quite a few potholes and uneven portions of the driveway. Leveling the lot near the parking lot drain will also prevent puddles and ice from forming and prevent further damage.

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