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1953 - A group of upperclassmen began meeting on a regular basis between and after classes to discuss topics of interest while sharing a coffee in the cafeteria.  As the discussion group grew larger and the winter months grew colder, the men collectively organized themselves in an effort to pressure the cafeteria to stock hot cocoa during the winter.  The cafeteria conceded and began serving cocoa. A group with such influence needed a name to support their cause. Thus, "The Society for the Preservation and Prevention from Extinction of Cocoa Drinkers of America" was born.

1954 - In an effort to formalize their organization on campus, members began contacting national fraternities.  Since General Motors Institute at the time was not an accredited college, there was very little interest to colonize a major fraternity on campus.  One national fraternity suggested to colonize a local independant fraternity as a building block to attract interest. Soon after the recommendation, the members of TSFTPAPFEOCDOA registered themselves on campus as Chi Sigma Alpha Society.  The Acronym CSA was chosen because it stood for Cooperative Students Association. Within a matter of months, a national fraternity Kappa Sigma Kappa responded by transforming Chi Sigma Alpha into the Michigan Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity.

1958 - The fraternity, which now resided at 527 Kearsly St, was active with 40 members on a campus with only 2300 students.  Given the aging conditions of the house on Kearsly, a housing committee was formed with the intent to find a sustainable long term living arrangement.

1960 -  The membership moved to 713 Stevens St, which was a 3 level former residence of Gamma Mu Tau, providing living space for 45 people.  Purchase price for the house was $37,000

1962 - General Motors Institute received its accreditation and large national fraternities immediately took interest.  At the same time the National Kappa Sigma Kappa leadership was finalizing a merger with a larger national fraternity known as Theta Xi.  All 19 chapters of Kappa Sigma Kappa would be absorbed into Theta Xi, bringing the collective chapter count to 67. Those Kappa Sigma Kappa chapters would keep their heritage on the chapter roll call by designating the word "Kappa" in the name.  On October 28th of that year, the first members of Kappa Sigma Chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity were inducted.

1967 -  Following numerous fundraisers, consulting, and debate regarding the future of Theta Xi, the housing committee decided to purchase parcels of land from both Lambda Chi Alpha and the adjacent cemetery to build a new chapter house.  The budget for such house was $275,000. The result of their hard work and dedication was the 12,000 sqft house we live in today. On May 6th of that year, ground breaking ceremonies were conducted at the new residence and the alumni association was established to maintain ownership of the deed.  The first event hosted at the new house was a philanthropic gathering for the Flint Big Brothers Club which resulted in all kids receiving toy pop-guns. Members and children alike swarmed the house, hiding in every nook and cranny resulting in what can only be defined as the largest collective game of "Cowboys & Indians" the city of Flint had ever seen.

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